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Be it challenging rock climbing or a "family friendly" trip - we know just the right place See places
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Some of us likes going for mediterranean or even tropical adventures, others prefer exploring more mysterious areas. Explore the world of the sagas and myths, try local specialties, hike high in 1600 meters or dive deep in hot lagoons. Usual holiday activities in an unusual setting.


Rocking those hiking boots?

Be it challenging rock climbing or just a “family friendly” trip with beautiful sights we know just the right place. Browse our trips and recommendations, and get practical information by locals so you can make sure you are all set for your Nordic holiday.


Remember your beach attire

Who said you can’t throw a “pool party” in -10 C? Grab your bikinis and dip in the hot pools of Iceland.


Explore our destinations

Nordic landscapes are unique and outstandingly beautiful - but they can be tricky to get around. Get practical information by locals of each country about how to prepare for your trip.

Natural nightlights

Just because it's dark, it doesn't mean that there's nothing to see here. See the northern lights from our cottages

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What to do?

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Things to do

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Places to be

Explore the iconic places and historical buildings of the city See offers

Sightseeing made simple

Use our maps, or ask our local guides to help you find your way See offers

We've got stories to tell

Today's culture is vastly affected by the past so why not explore it See offers
try local specialties

Food & drink

Try local specialties

Are you a passionate foodie? Try the local specialties for cheaper outside of the season.

Browse through our recommendations for places to eat, and see what you’ll want to bring home.

try local specialties
try local specialties

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